Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hi, long time I did not write here. Today is the first day of the year2012. So, what motivated you this year? or is there a resolution last year have still not been achieved? Me? I think, there are many more resolutions last year that I have yet to be achieved. One of them is my business. There are always obstacles. But does not matter, I pray, that in 2012, will be much brighter than last year.

I think, I'm sure you already have a determination to be implemented this year right? So, what should we do? continue to act, or wait until the end of the year? I'm trying to improve myself and develop my career. Therefore, I will not look back. Whatever the next opportunity, I would take. If possible, I want to be better. I do not want to live a long time ourselves. want to live more comfortably. Yesterday, before we all celebrate the new year, Ifiancee and three friends to a bookstore. When looking at the book would read in the rack, we saw a book titled"Sengkek" We laughed. Funny but it is reality. Many among us who struggle with "Sengkek" or easier to understand is, people who have no money. 

For me, this book was excellent and so is peeling problem relaxing.Among the topics contained in this book are the types sengkek,sengkek sources, the Islamic view on "sengkek" and ways to overcome them.I think, many of us are having problems "Sengkek" is but I do not know how to overcome. Just like me, sometimes, I feel very depressed, when every time to get paid, all money will go towards paying off debts, house rent, electric bill, water bill, Astro bill, groceries and so forth. Of course we will think not worth it.Working hard work but simply do not feel spending for themselves. So sorry for myself right? 
So we will be back the teachings of Islam, the restrained nature of the command. Do not over-spending and embrace the nature of consciousness.Plan each expenditure. If expenses exceed income, we must find another alternative. For example, looking for side work. Do anything that can generate income as long as "Halal"Although we "Sengkek" it was not until the request and hope for charity, right? That is why we must be thankful because we still have enough to eat and wearRemember, each of us, there are things that have been respectively appointed by Allah Patient with the work that feels very favour when can result.Plenty pray that the year 2012 will be showered provision. Do not depressed and feeling the burden of "Kesengkekan" that we have. There is no pleasure without effort ...Wassalam...

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